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FP - Plateaus, Motivation, and Jucing

I've been pushing myself pretty hard. But I've been stuck on a plateau for the last three weeks. I'm fairly certain it's because I've been eating more. My workouts are consistent, though I've lasped into a questionable pattern of working out hard for 8+ days then taking two days off. (or a day an a half, since I've managed to get a walk in the second day off twice now)

There's been a lot of stress from changing schedules, new environments, etc. So it's less that I'm concerned about my holding pattern and more than I'm wondering a lot if I should be more concerned. *laughs* Figure that one out.

I think I've been fighting off a virus too, which obviously doesn't help matters. I feel good that I've come far enough I can actually pay attention and listen to my body when it says that it doesn't feel good rather than being harsh or judgmental about needing to take a day off.

The trick is ... as always ... to make sure that one or two days off doesn't turn into a week or more. This is the major reason why I set up my mud running schedule the way I did. I've got 12 weeks still until Tough Mudder. But I've only got five weeks until Spartan Sprint.

It's moving on to spring here and I'm looking forward to that and the reemergence of the farmer's markets. This summer is going to be filled with more vegetables, fruits, and good food. (oh, memo to me - save a few plastic bins from the spinach you buy so you have something to put your FM spinach and other leafy stuff into) I've also got plans to knock out part of the back garden and plant some veggies.

Last night I was flipping through Netflix for something to watch and stumbled across Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. It was a rather fascinating story about an Australian man who had an autoimmune disease and was overweight. (partially due to the steroids he had to take) Joe went on a 60 day juice fast where he used a juicer and ate nothing but fruits and vegetables in juice form for 60 days.

I've done a three day juice fast, though it was more processed juice than straight from a juicer because at the time I couldn't afford one. I could probably buy a juicer now, but there's an issue of space in the kitchen for it and space in the fridge for the vast amount of fresh fruits and veggies required.

*grins* Plus ... I'm not all that interested in giving up caffeine.

What are your thoughts on things like juice fasts? Do you think it's just BS hype? Or do you think it can be beneficial for our bodies to have a "reboot" (as they call it in FSND) to kind of jumpstart a healing process or weight loss journey?
I have Kris Carr's "Crazy, Sexy Diet" book which stemmed from her book "Crazy, Sexy Cancer." She has a really rare form of cancer where less than 1% of the world's population is effected by. (I don't remember the name. It's long!)

Anyways, she does a sort of juice fast. She drinks green juice every morning along with semi-raw foods. Her reasons for doing juice fasts and drinking juice every morning is because of the alkaline levels in the vegetables which help counter act the acidity that feeds cancer. Because of her diet, she has basically helped keep the cancer from growing but, for some reason, the doctors cannot say she is in remission or that she is cured. It is still there.

As far as juice fasts being BS or a "reboot," I don't think juice fasts are that great. If you do it like Kris and pair it with a very nutrient dense diet (by the way, she is vegan and I know not everyone can do that)I think it is fine. To me, eliminating so much other foods and nutrients from your diet like that puts too much stress on the body. To me, fasting or cleansing is no processed foods, sugar, white flour,and caffeine, heavy on the veggies, lean protein and some fruit. But, that is just my two cents.
one of my instructors at school recommended me watching that movie, and we discussed the pros and cons of doing something like that. It's hard on a body, BUT if your body tolerates it well, and it helps like in his situation, that's great. My issue is always with diets that claim to be the ONE diet for EVERYONE.

I might try it this summer, maybe for 3-4 days first, see how I feel afterwards.
I can see the value in doing 3-4 days and letting your digestive system "rest" through that. But as they point out, juicing takes the fiber out which really is required in helping keep your digestive system working properly. There are alternatives for adding fiber back in which I'd think would be required for long term.

Yeah, there really is no one diet that will work for everyone.
I'm very wary of fad diets. Just because the Subway diet worked for Jared doesn't mean it's going to work for me. I'd get a doctor's advice before starting a "juice diet" for more than a couple of days.
Yeah, they were pretty clear about the necessity of getting a doctor's advice before starting something that dramatic.
Ironic: I was listening to the radio this morning and Dr. Oz was on talking about this 3 day cleanse he went on and how it spread like wildfire. The DJ was also talking about a cleanse he did for 7 days. He said that he wanted to eat his arm for the first couple of days and then he was okay and then on day 6 he woke up feeling as if he could fly to the sky. His energy went through the roof. He felt so naturally high and good from it that he stayed on the juice cleanse for 3 more days. He continues to juice all day now and then eats a sensible dinner.

Dr. Oz stressed the importance of cleanses and how they're fantastic for detoxing your liver & kidney's. He explained quite a bit, actually, that was really interesting, but he stressed that 1)it has to be a healthy cleanse and 2)you have to like what you're drinking.

I think they can absolutely be beneficial. I won't give up my coffee, though.

When Charlie and I briefly did Eat 2 Live last year we juiced daily. I've never had more energy than during those days. We bought a fairly cheap juicer ($40-$50 maybe). It is definitely a lot of work/effort. At the time I felt the pay off was worth the effort. Unfortunately, I lost sight of that and tired of all the cutting, chopping, and mostly, the cleaning of the damn machine. I kind of want to get back into it, though.
Baby steps, though. :)
Yeah, I've been thinking about getting a juicer. Though there's so little room in our kitchen right now. :/
You might be able to find a local all natural juice distributer. The DJ was talking about how he found a company that does the juicing work and delivers it to him.

Now that I'm posting about it, I do remember finding a similar company...hold up...quick search..
Okay, not so worth it. I couldn't find the exact site I'd seen several months back, but I did compare the prices between a couple of national companies and it ranges from $70-$150 A DAY. Yah. No thank you. Even if you only did 3 days on the cheapy program, that's still over $200. You get way more bang for your buck buying a juicer and your own produce.