Figured out how to unsubscribe from the stupid ValPak coupon mailing.

For anyone else interested in not getting that envelope of coupons you likely throw away - https://www.valpak.com/coupons/show/mailinglistsuppression

Still trying to figure out the weekly add mailer we get. I think I have to check for an address. Luckily we got one in the mail the other day and it's still sitting on the table.
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Yay! Thanks! Paul keeps wanting to look at those stupid coupons. I pointed out that a. he hates it when I use coupons for stuff we need and b. it's mostly promos for the local Chinese place. Why the frack should we keep it?

If it was up to him, the house would be full of the most random and useless stuff like crappy circulars (with coupons for Arby's, gross!), unread NRA magazines and cans of Diet Pepsi.

At least he's cute. ;)
*laughs* Yeah, I think I look at it once every six months and the rest of the time it goes in the recycling bin without even being opened.

I'm on a push to cut down the last bits of junk coming into the house and trying really hard to wrap up the little pieces of recyclable stuff also to cut back on our footprint. I'm so tired of all this paper waste.