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The Journal of Writer K.B. Wagers


Queen of Sharp Pointies
The Three Gatekeepers
Before you speak, ask yourself - Is this true? Is this necessary? Is this kind?

Who am I?

Katy Wagers. High Empress of All Things Awesome. Or often known as Wanderer In Gray, or Wiggie

Where am I?

Currently Colorado. My husband, phoenix_blue is a journalist. We share a house with three silly boy cats a little queen girl, piles of books, a host of computer technology, a 16-year old wunderkid and a batbitch awesome roomie!

What am I?

I am a writer, mud runner, iron lifter, martial arts practitioner, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend.

I write science fiction. You can visit my author page on FB - K.B. Wagers. I am represented by Andrew Zack of The Zack Company

Frequently Asked Questions

A couple of notes about me:

I am generally very nice and respectful if you can manage the same. If not, there's a good chance I'll come down on you like the Hammer of God™ and that will be the end of it. You can whine and cry, bitch and moan about your entitlement and your rights all you want - this is my journal, which means I'm in charge and I don't have to put up with that sort of bullshit if I don't want to.

I'm not responsible for the behavior of my friends and family, if you piss them off ... don't come crying to me or anyone else. Take it up with them. If you want to try and hold me responsible for someone else's behavior just be aware it only makes you look like an ass.

I drop the f-bomb and other "dirty" words around quite a bit. I figure I can get away with it because I also use words like "colloquial" and "eponymous" correctly. :P If you don't like it, no one's making you read this shit.

I'm human. I have opinions about politics and random shite that doesn't matter very much. I talk about them now and will continue to talk about them when I'm published. I also have very deeply held beliefs that I wouldn't change even if a gun were pointed at my head. Rational, logical discourse is always welcome here. Being an asshole or a bully isn't. Period. You can deal or you can go away. It's a free country.

I "friend" and "de-friend" at will. If you want to add me to your list, great. *smiles* I do some public posts here, but the majority is locked down. I am a fairly private person. If I know you well or get to know you, then chances are good you'll end up on the list.

This is only a snapshot of my life. There is plenty that goes on off-line which doesn't make it onto the blog, the FB, the Twitter, etc. Don't assume you know me or my life based on this tiny window into a portion of my brain. This isn't the whole story.

This is a SAFE space for all people. Harassment, derailment, attempts to subvert conversations, and other assorted ass-hattery (as determined by me) will not be tolerated.